To win the big stakes…..

…… in this changed world, you must catch the spirit of the great pioneers of the past, whose dreams have given to civilization all that it has of value, the spirit that serves as the life-blood of our own country – your opportunity and mine, to develop and market our talents.

– Napoleon Hill


People who are……

……. not leaders automatically gravitate toward lines–limitations set by others. Many people are taught this in kindergarten when they are instructed to stay within the lines while colouring. But leaders are more creative than that. They look for options and opportunities. They try to take things in a new direction, or beyond the limit. Progress and innovation are made by people who think without lines.

– John C Maxwell

That’s what leadership is….

….. all about, identifying quality people, giving them the opportunity and experience to create and develop to continue to make the company successful. The best leaders identify and mentor potential leaders. A leader’s most important legacy is the leaders he or she develops.

– Kenneth Strong & John Dicicc0